TBG Residential has been developing affordable housing communities over the last forty years. Our history of working closely with local municipalities and their residents help us reach our goal of being good stewards of the community. Our skilled team is financially adept in structuring projects utilizing conventional debt, low income housing credits, government loans and bank letters of credit to achieve long term feasibility and that make sound financial sense. From project inception, land acquisition, project design and financing to construction completion, the team members of TBG Residential offer a diversity of professional development experience.

Our in-house construction company, Hunter’s Walk Home Center, leads the construction management process for all projects. The combination of detailed technical knowledge of project activities, interfacing with architects and engineers, cost estimating, contract administration and a clear understanding of the construction industry has ensured the quality and integrity of all our communities. Our construction division offers 30 years of residential and commercial construction experience delivering superior project management services and a quality product that meets the needs of present and future generations.


Glen Arbor I Mobile, AL
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Madison Heights I Lovejoy, GA
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Having managed affordable and market rate apartments for over 40 years, TBG Residential recognizes the importance of maintaining the long term value of its properties.

On-site property management with trained and experienced personnel is the key to the success of our properties. Our approach includes comprehensive resident screening as well as quarterly inspections of each apartment home. The inspections allow maintenance to be proactive versus reactive which contributes to lower long term maintenance expenses.

Additionally, TBG requires management-level review of its properties. A regional manager is required to be on each property a minimum of once of month for site inspection. A partner from the ownership group also visits each site quarterly to insure quality maintenance oversight.

While TBG Residential recognizes its responsibility to our resident customers and investment partners, it is equally important to be a good neighbor in our cities. TBG’s properties pride themselves in being involved in each community.

I have been a resident for 5 plus years, and I love
living here because of the family atmosphere,
the peace and quiet, the up keep of the property and
awesome management.

Alice T. Holmes

I moved into my apartment in July of 2007. I was one of the first to move in.
I enjoy living here. My apartment is nice and the size I was
looking for at the time. When there is a problem it’s always
been taken care of promptly and I really appreciate that!!
I like a nice, peaceful place and I feel like we have that there!
I hope to be here from now on.

J. Godwin


I have lived at Farmington Hills apts. since losing my husband in 2014.
This apartment complex is well kept up. If you have any problems
or repairs needed all you do is call management and it is taken care of,
and fast too! I feel really safe and secure here. There is also activities
going on at least once a month at the clubhouse. Also this is a very
quiet place to live with good people. I feel very blessed to live here.

Rita Gray

I love the apartment itself. It’s so spacious, and the floorplan is beautiful!
I’ve lived in just about every complex in this area, and
Greystone is by far the nicest.

Patricia Witt

I like living at Regis Square apartments because the apartments are
very nice, very quiet, very good neighbors and good property
manager. I have lived in this apartment for 9 years
and hope to continue.

Lula Jones